Image Copyright & Legal Use of Images on Our Website

Copyright law exists to protect the rights (both financially and legally) of the creator of a piece of written work, such as photography and content.

At Brijwasi Events, we take infringement of copyright law very seriously with regards to use of our photography and any artwork used on our site. The risk and consequences are greatest where photography is concerned. All images and photography displayed on our website are our own images, that have been taken by a photographer whom has been paid for his/her professional skills by Brijwasi or its clients.

With regards to consequences of using our images without permission, Brijwasi Events the copyright right holder is perfectly entitled to sue, and you could be libel to pay hundreds of pounds. If our images have been found on your website or any other material, you must have granted permission in writing, on a company letterhead and signed by our Company Director.

Failure to acknowledge and comply with copyright law can and usually does result in legal proceedings.